A few THANK YOUs and news!

Here follows some thank yous and some news! A big thank you to Disney for giving permission to use the songs in the ‘Journey of Jenny the Giraffe’ videos below: 1. Jenny the Giraffe Goes …

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Memories of Saint Felix School

Jenny the Giraffe is currently in Suffolk! Photos will soon go up of Jenny the Giraffe visiting Saint Felix School. If you don’t know already, this giraffe is being passed from person to person across …

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BBC News is covering Jenny’s story!

BBC News and BBC Wales are covering Jenny’s story today, on TV news, online and on the radio. (You can donate towards Jenny’s life-saving surgery here: GoFundMe.com/savejenny) You can find the article and video online …

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#HowILikeMyTea to #SaveJenny – our next fundraising push!

If nothing else, we’re a nation of tea drinkers here in the U.K., so we’re hoping this next fundraising push for Jenny’s life-saving surgery will go viral. It’s called #HowILikeMyTea. The launch video is above and on YouTube here.

We’re asking that you post a photo or video on social media of how you like your tea using the hashtag #HowILikeMyTea, make a donation towards Jenny’s life-saving surgery at gofundme.com/savejenny and include that link in your social media post. Encourage your friends and family to join in the fun and stir things up!

Do you like lots of milk? Do you add it in before or after the water? Loose leaf or tea bag? Weak or strong? Do you have a favourite mug or cup? A biscuit accompaniment? Sugar? Ice cold?

Let’s raise the money to save Jenny’s life! You can read here why she needs life-saving surgery: jkrowbory.co.uk/about-me

Thank you so much for your support and generosity.

A special video message from Boris Johnson, David Attenborough, Donald Trump, Louis Walsh and Prince Charles for you, to spread the word about Jenny … courtesy of Rory Bremner 😉

Special video message:



Why Jenny needs life-saving surgery: jkrowbory.co.uk/about-me/

Buy the poetry book (and more copies as Christmas gifts!) on Amazon: amzn.to/3C1ZXum or Jenny’s website: jkrowbory.co.uk

You can also donate extra here if you’re able: gofundme.com/savejenny

Please share widely!