Rainbows in my eyes

Rainbows in my eyes is a collection of poems by Jenny Rowbory, published by Longman.

Jenny Rowbory was born in 1986 in Ashford, Middlesex, and currently lives in Wales. During her first year at university in 2004, she became ill with a virus that caused severe M.E. (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis: inflammation of the brain and spinal cord).

M.E. affects all bodily systems, causing Jenny to be bed-bound and unable to sit up or speak. She is acutely ill and has life-threatening situations every day.

All the money made from the poetry book goes straight into The Jenny Rowbory Medical Fund Society to help fund her medical treatment.

[UPDATE: In May 2015, after genetic testing, Jenny was diagnosed with Vascular Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. This is on top of her diagnosis of very severe M.E.]

Rainbows in my eyes

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ISBN: 978-1-4082-4968-0.

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Coming soon: August 2021 – We Are The Winter People

Jenny’s collection of poetry called ‘We Are The Winter People’ will be available as an ebook, print book and Audiobook. The ebook is available now with print and Audiobook in development.

Rainbows Book Launch: Tribute to Teachers

The launch was held at Otley Hall on Saturday December 12th. There was a double rainbow in the sky connecting Otley Hall and Jenny’s village of Ashbocking.  The readings are included in the clip and below are notes from the programme.

Hello and welcome to the ‘Rainbows in my eyes’ book launch. Jenny is bed-bound and unable to sit up so obviously cannot be with us today, but she would like to thank you all for coming and for your support. With the book, she is hoping to raise £35,000 for medical treatment that she needs, which is unavailable on the NHS. It is a lot of money to raise, but she is hoping for a miracle. So please pass on the message to your friends.

Jenny wanted to pay tribute to some of the teachers who have inspired her most over the years and thought it would be a nice idea if each of them could read out one of her favourite poems. Unfortunately, not all of them can be with us today, so they have recorded themselves reading the poems.

Video footage of the poems read at the book launch:

Mrs Fiona Goode was Jenny’s first teacher, Year One and was an amazing first teacher to have had. Mrs Goode told Jenny she must have a magic pencil because she always did her work so well and so quickly. Simon, Jenny’s older brother, was in the same class as it was a mixed age group class and remembers Jenny with her hand always in the air, a very eager 5-year-old! This is Mrs Goode reading ‘The Jumblies’ by Edward Lear. She is conducting her Junior Choir in Bideford, Devon, this evening so she cannot be with us now.

Mrs Whitehead was Jenny’s Year 6 teacher. Lessons were always challenging and exciting and she taught Jenny how to think about things differently. She fired up Jenny’s imagination so that Jenny always looked forward to going into school. The poem Mrs Whitehead is going to read out ‘ I know why the Caged Bird sings’ by Maya Angelou  is Jenny’s very favourite poem. She first learnt it with Mrs Whitehead while doing Choral Speaking club. Jenny is thrilled and honoured to have her here today.

Miss Justine Ashford taught Jenny GCSE English and GCSE Drama. Classes were inspirational and thought-provoking and you never knew what Miss Ashford was going to say or do next. She always told Jenny two things: 1. Never stop asking questions and 2. Never stop writing. Well I’m pleased to say she took that advice and that’s why we are here today! The poem ‘First they came for the Jews’  by Pastor Niemoller is one that Jenny’s drama group incorporated into one of their performances. Jenny’s father will read the poem on behalf of Miss Ashford.

Mrs Smith taught Jenny Greek at GCSE and ‘A’ level. Lessons were fast-paced and you had to think quickly. Jenny loved the thrill of translation and loved the Ancient Greek language. Mrs Smith was very thorough and reliable and was always pushing Jenny to the limits to fulfil her potential. It paid off: 100% in her Greek ‘A’ level which was joint highest in the country. Shirley will read ‘ Do not go gentle into that good night’ by Dylan Thomas.

Mr Cole, headmaster of Woodbridge School, where Jenny studied sixth form, represents the teachers and her time there. She was very proud to achieve the best ‘A’ level results of her year group. Stephen will read ‘ The way through the woods’ by Rudyard Kipling.

Mr Keith Rowbory, represents Jenny’s family and he will read ‘ All that is gold does not glitter’ by J.R.R Tolkien

The final reading is by Rev Catherine Beaumont, family friend and host for the launch. Catherine reads Pedestal, one of Jenny’s poems from Rainbows in my eyes. Catherine is going to use one of Jenny’s poems in her Christmas Day address at Ashbocking Church.