Thank you, Bradley Harris, for your incredible fundraising journey!

On Saturday 9th September, Bradley reached John o’ Groats, having cycled there from Land’s End with Jenny the Giraffe on the back of his bike. The journey took 27 days (with days 8, 14 & 20 as rest days). So far, Bradley has raised an incredible £2940 on his GoFundMe page plus £5000 will be coming from an anonymous donor, which makes £7940 in total. This is a stunning amount. We can’t thank Bradley enough. It has brought us a lot of hope and it all helps towards the target amount that we have to raise for the specialist neurosurgery in New York and Medevac air flights (

Thank you, Bradley, for your incredible fundraising journey! What a big-hearted, extraordinary human being, who was a stranger to us (he was our Tesco delivery man), yet has done a great kindness. We hope that this will inspire others.

Here’s what Bradley had to say on Instagram:

You can watch the videos of the 27 day journey from Land’s End to John o’ Groats below (make sure to turn on the sound!):

Day 1 & 2:

Days 3 & 4:

Days 5 & 6:

Days 7, 8, 9 & 10:

Days 11, 12, 13 & 14:

Days 15 & 16:

Days 17, 18 & 19:

Days 21 & 22:

Days 23 & 24:

Days 25 & 26:

Day 27: