Dear Jenny Project

The ‘Dear Jenny’ Project

What is it?   We would like everyone who has ever known Jenny to write her a letter in which you recount your memories of her/what she meant to you/how she’s touched your life. It would be great if you could reminisce about things you did together or things you remember her saying or doing or if she was particularly kind to you. You could tell her what you remember of her character/who she is/what you thought of her. If you’ve read her poetry book, you could say which poems you liked/if they’ve helped you through a rough time/inspired you.

Deadline: We need to have received your letters by the 29th April (her birthday), when we will present your letters to her. So we’ve given you plenty of notice!

Our purpose: Jenny is bed-bound, unable to sit up, unable to talk and has to be bedbathed by a nurse. There are so many things that are wrong with her body, doctors don’t know how to fix it. She lives in a place of agony and suffering every minute of every day – she doesn’t ever get a break or holiday from it. Jenny is a fighter, but we would really like to give her a boost with this project. We would like to reach into the darkness and show her some light. Jenny treats everyone she meets as the most special person in the world, so even if you think that you haven’t been significant in her life, you have. And we would REALLY like you to write to her. If you’ve received this message, that means you’ve meant something to her.

Length: The letter can be as short or as long as you like. It can be a few lines or several pages. It depends how much you remember of her. Nothing is insignificant – we would like to present her with as many letters as possible. We want to remind her how many lives she has touched. Anyone who has ever gone through a major illness will tell you about the lack of confidence you go through and the feeling of a loss of identity. We want you all to remind her who she is.

 Where to send the letters:

 If you have our home address, please send your letter straight here. 

If not, you can e-mail it to: [email protected] and we’ll print all the letters out.

NB if sending it by post, please mark your letters with a little  circle in the bottom left hand corner of the envelope so we know it’s  not just normal post.