Best of 2015

Favourite discovery of 2015:
The brilliant Witch, Please podcast. A fortnightly podcast about the Harry Potter world. The two hosts are academics who are rereading the Harry Potter books and rewatching the films for the first time in a long while and then discussing them, one by one. They’re currently up to the Half-Blood Prince. I recommend going back to the start and listening from the first episode. Just wonderful. Great fun, intelligent and amusing. Feminism for the win.

2015 was the year that I properly discovered YouTube (a bit late, I know).
Favourite 10 YouTube channels of 2015:

1. TheFineBros – I like Kids React, Teens React, Adults React, Elders React and YouTubers React
2. Kinda Funny – The GameOverGreggy Show: four best friends chatting around a table
3. Kitty G – a UK-based booktuber who loves fantasy, sci-fi, steampunk and historical fiction
4. Lindsey Rey – a booktuber who loves fantasy, thrillers and more
5. JoeyGraceffa – A vlogger. I know, I know, but I find the triviality calming.
6. emmymadeinjapan – she tastes the food of different countries and reviews it
7. books and pieces – a booktuber with a particular focus on sci-fi and fantasy
8. booksandquills – a Dutch booktuber who now lives in London
9. Evan Edinger – an American YouTuber living in London
10. Jen Campbell – a UK booktuber who is also an author and poet

(I’m not including the YouTube channels of TV shows, like the ones of James Corden, Ellen Degeneres, Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel. Though I do love those too. They would definitely be in my top 10)

Best TV (that I watched for the first time in 2015):
White Collar
Rizzoli and Isles
Once Upon A Time
Person of Interest
Veronica Mars

Best TV (that I continued to watch in 2015):
Doctor Who
Agents of SHIELD
Masterchef Australia
University Challenge
Would I Lie To You
The Graham Norton Show
Home and Away

Best 10 films that I watched for the first time in 2015, in no particular order:
What we did on our holiday
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1
Inside Out
Big Game
Jurassic World
Testament of Youth
Avengers: Age of Ultron
x + y
Erin Brockavich

Best documentary:
Caribbean with Simon Reeve

Best sporting event:
The swimming world championships

Best 3 audiobooks that I listened to in 2015:
The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater
Partials by Dan Wells
Life as we knew it by Susan Beth Pfeffer

The 3 songs that I listened to most in 2015:
1. Superman (It’s Not Easy) by Five For Fighting
2. Dela by Johnny Clegg & Savuka
3. Way Back Into Love sung by Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore from the film Music and Lyrics

My top 50 tweeters of 2015:
(I’ll include their twitter profile bio too so that they’re not just names)

@Tanya_Marlow – Writer | Christian | Severe ME #MECFS | Former lecturer in Biblical Theology | Author: Coming Back to God When You Feel Empty | Founder of Compassionate Britain

@TheAlethiophile – Nonconformist christian blogger; bibliophile; introvert; socialist; geek; terrible conversationalist; peripatetic; morosoph; works in finance.

@jpc101 – God loving, web designing, ukulele & mandolin playing, geek! I’ve had ME for 20+ years. Raiders. Clemson. Biathlon.

@Ita99 – It’s pronounced Eata NOT Eyeta.

@joecassels – One day I’ll work out what this life thing is about. Managing CFS/ME and depression. Sad, but I like animals.

@Jocassels – Curly haired and fat

@BonneMillie – If there is a problem, yo I’ll solve it, check out the hook… Crochet, sewing, doodles, ecology, nature, gardening, sci-fi & books!

@Pamreader – Writer/book blogger working in the creative world of InDesign, Photoshop, Adobe CQ5 by day, while exploring the fictional world by night.

@kateileaver – Writer. Journalist. Feminist. Professional level Harry Potter fan. Words @Pottermore @ThePoolUK @GlamourmagUK @Sunday_style.

@s_snowberry – Curating. Theology. Cylons & dragons. Changing the world. Failed novelist. Contrarian. Sugarcoater. Bring back the wolves!

@norfolkdarlo – Dad to v severe ME @Stroopwaffle. Darlo fan. Love family, dog, cathedrals, poetry, writing stories, beach huts, satay, pofertijes, East Anglia + Dales. Work @crystaleducates

@kouya – Tweets and retweets about mission, theology, languages, Africa, running and random stuff. Christian, mid-fifties, exiled-Northerner, Leeds Trinity PhD student.

@Gerrarrdus – Often looking for odd stuff in London. Creator of Beaker Folk of Husborne Crawley. Dad, husband, priest. LFC and AFCRD fan.

@revpamsmith – Virtual vicar and author of Online Mission and Ministry (SPCK). Ex: prison chaplain, teacher, health service. Interests: politics, telly, theology

@SimonNRicketts – A journalist, indie screenwriter, script editor. Was at The Watford Observer, Daily Mail and The Independent. Now on The Guardian night team. Rarely serious.

@boudledidge – Writing on Christianity/feminism. Digital Comms/FR at #globaldev org. Also found at @ChristianToday @CFemNet @Project328. ‘Generally pretty terrible’.

@LizClutterbuck – Londoner, lover of gin, transport nerd & eclectic blogger. Curate at @christchurchn5 & freelance researcher. Also a part of the madness that is @matryoshkahaus.

@jtlovell1979 – Uncool before it was cool to be uncool. You can be oh so smart, or oh so pleasant. I’ve tried smart. I recommend pleasant. (also @JTinjail)

@AlisonCroggon – I write novels, poems, libretti and criticism. Columnist for Overland Journal. Yes, it’s confusing sometimes.

@lynneguist – An American in England, Reader in Linguistics @SussexUni. This is the Twitter presence of ‘Separated by a Common Language’ blog.

@Lucy_bahaha – The march of women towards their rightful heritage of political liberty and social and industrial freedom

@neilcpferris – Conductor and teacher. RWCMD Head of Choral Conducting, London Symphony Chorus Associate Cond, Music Dir Cardiff Polyphonic Choir, Wimbledon Choral Society.

@God_loves_women – Loving Jesus. Fighting for women’s liberation. Expect ranting, Big Thoughts & quotes from my most excelllent children.

@ScottFilmCritic – Author of Rosebud Sleds and Horses’ Heads: 50 of Film’s Most Evocative Objects. Telegraph blogger. On BBC Radio 4. Roger Ebert’s UK correspondent.

@raquelita_e – Language lover, haphazard Jesus follower, music fan, poet, Brit. Trying to be kind.

@DiamonDie – journalist, author, medical/music/food writer, playwright, translator, artist, photographer, activist, expat, plant lover, demoscener, veg*n with CFS/ME/hypopit

@LMAshton – Kitchen Witch. Canadian, lived in Sri Lanka, NZ, Singapore. Science fiction/fantasy. Geek. Accountant. Redhead. Married to @FahimFarook.

@GenderDiary – A mother and father tweeting about our girl and boy and how people treat them differently. The Gender Police: A Diary:

@mushenska – Literary agent, sartorialist and cat wrangler. Pollyanna-ish. Master of the cheeky wink. Generally heard before I’m seen. Bend and SNAP.

@MelbourneLily – Views are my own. A working mama, runs a bit, crazy cat lady, coeliac, bibliophile.

@forgetMEnotxxx – Bedridden with severe progressive M.E. & Ehlers-danlos syndrome. Dysautonomia. Endometriosis. Love my dog, plants, trees, spirituality, folklore, poetry, MJ

@aeroplanegirl – Sunday Times bestselling author of ‘Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops’ series & ‘The Bookshop Book.’ Poet. Booktuber.

@eah39 –

@DreamsAtStake – A Journey of Hope Through Severe ME

@AmazinAdrielle – ★ Art|Craft|Animation|Games|C++ Student ♡ Cats|Birds|Turtle|Fish ✼ Severe EDS|ME/CFS|FMS|OA|POTS|SVT ☆ Behavioural Science|X-Circus Gal ☻

@aryomjapes – Continuing to be at an awkward age. Owns seventy+ hymn books and uses them all. Interpreter of life to those who find it strange. Unlocked account @japesaryom

@ECAllinson – I wear many hats. I tick lots of boxes. I have fingers in several pies. Some of them are @bloomcentral @OasisFarmSE1 @creationfestuk @mercyukorg VIEWS MY OWN

@emjric – Often wobbly. Frequently achey. Usually smiley. OVER RELIANT ON CAPITAL LETTERS.

@greg_jenner – Public Historian ~ Chief Nerd to HORRIBLE HISTORIES ~ Author of A MILLION YEARS IN A DAY… ~ Prone to undignified silliness ~ Spurs fan

@goodinparts – Anglican priest still learning on the job: mum, wife & procrastinator of discintction, Private witterings here. New friends please follow @CoventryCanon

@zierlich_alex – 24. @unimelb BA student. Whovian. Disabled: genetic autoimmune disease, FM, etc. “I’m in pain. Every day. It changed me…” ~ House

@georgeluke – Human being. God-botherer. Writer. Radio producer. DJ. Rookie windsurfer. I-Something-Something-Something.

@HellsJBells – Christian. Wife to a workaholic. Ex-aircraft fitter Now swear at IT or count beans Own Rottweilers Love house music, fast cars & the seaside 🙂 #StreetPastor

@dalekwidow – Work in online publishing. Share life with @vidjam & Daleks. Like: cricket, comedy, music, Adam&Joe, Sci-Fi, drawing. Member of Dr Who Fan Orchestra

@HolzC – Writer. Humanitarian. Adores footie, dance, chocolate & baking. I work in wonderful, hectic & random land of make believe, aka ‘Theatre World’. Views all mine!

@Julia_Byers – Aspiring YA author. UMich senior. @Ch1Con founder & @ArtsAtMichigan blogger. Used bookshop minion. @KaplanLiterary intern. Lover of theatre, movies, & tea.

@GirlFromBlupo – Monoid fan and mother of twins. Writes books ‘n’ stuff. ME/FMS/JHS/POTS etc. (grr). Author website coming soon – stay tuned!

@DozyFlo – Bookaholic and proud of it!

@martinsaunders – Relentlessly hopeful. Husband, dad, screenwriter, youth worker and God-botherer. Deputy CEO @youthscape.

@jk_rowling – Author