28th March 2013: Update

In December, after concluding that a) We were never going to be able to raise enough money for an air ambulance to see the specialist US doctor that Jenny regards as the best M.E. doctor in the world b) Jenny’s heart wouldn’t survive the flight anyway, Jenny made the decision to plump for the best UK doctor for M.E. Even though she has been treated by her before without success, it was made clear that more treatment could be offered if Jenny lived close by to the doctor so that she could treat her at home. So we began looking for houses to rent in Wales near to the specialist and on 24th February we moved here. Jenny hadn’t recovered from moving house six months previously, let alone doing so again and so soon afterwards, but she decided to take the gamble, even though she knew she would get worse, because she was deteriorating anyway. It has been totally physically devastating for her. To add to this, the treatment that was planned to be given by the doctor, which was injected into the veins, Jenny’s body reacted badly and severely to immediately. So the doctor took some more blood tests and is trying to see where to go next. At least here we have a doctor who knows about M.E. and will keep trying things to try to get some improvement for Jenny. Jenny is much worse. None of us are coping really. It just seems to be one disaster after another.

This quote came in the post today from some friends, which was much needed:

“The power of God is capable of finding hope where hope no longer exists, and a way where the way is impossible.” ~ Gregory of Nyssa