Sign the M.E e-petition!

~ This post is by Ian Rowbory (Jenny’s father):

The M.E community are asking people to sign an e-petition which will release  and make freely available all information which is currently embargoed relating to M.E held at the National Archives.

The petition asks  for full disclosure of all documents, including correspondence with the medical profession,  relating to M.E. And C.F.S. held in the National Archives at Kew,UK with particular reference to ref BN 141/1. It is a closed document not available for public access until 2072.
You can sign by going  to

You must be a citizen or normally resident in the United Kingdom to sign the e-petition.

The petition states that such revelations may yield clues to a better understanding of a physical cause or underlying disease process of a discrete neurological illness, Myalagic Encephalomyelitis, unjustifiably bundled within the collective diagnosis CFS or taken to be synonymous with it. This might, in turn, lead to effective treatment and hopefully a cure or significant recovery for this dreadfully debilitating illness, which affects millions world.

The target is 100,000 signatures which would make the petition  eligible for debate in the House of Commons. The closing date is 23rd of February 2012.