Jenny is still alive

Jenny is still alive [this is the most positive statement that we can issue]. She is just battling to survive every day, putting all her energies in trying to get enough food down her throat each day. This takes so much out of her and weakens her a lot, but is the most basic thing you have to do to stay alive: eat and drink. The rest of the time she has to lie completely still in order to be able to do this. Even lying still, her symptoms are unbearable and her heart problems are horrific for her. Any slight movement and her heart gets even worse.

She still is unable to sleep, which amplifies her pain and makes everything worse, so if you pray, this is something that you can pray for: that she will be able to sleep for more than 20 minutes.

So life continues to be very hard and unrelenting for her. We can only look on, our hearts breaking, and try to do what we can for her. She is under the treatment of a doctor at the moment, but his supplements and medicine don’t seem to be helping at all.