Six Years

1st December 2010

Today marks the day 6 years ago when I suddenly became ill. You all know the details already so I won’t repeat myself. I’ll leave you with this instead, which I found a few years ago:

This is from a book called ‘Seeking the Silences’ by Charles R. Ringma. To put it in context, the author is talking about loss of all kinds, whether it be loss of health, a loved one, a job etc. This is what he says:

‘What do we do in such situations? There are no easy answers. But loss invites us to the strange journey of surrender and faith. It pulls us into the abyss. It spirals us into circles of pain and maybe self-pity, or despair. It sends us into a dark tunnel where we expect to find nothing and no-one.

But someone can be found, and this may not be the God who rescues. It may simply be the God of the dark day on Golgotha’s lonely hill. The God who experienced the greatest loss and who promises companionship in this difficult journey with no end or solution in sight except the promise that this God is also the God of the resurrection, this God may be found when all else is taken away.’