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Update on October’s hospital visit and current health


  I was trying to wait until we had more definite information and a firm plan of action until I posted an update but so many of you have been asking how I am (thank you for caring!) that an update is needed.

In case you don’t follow my twitter or facebook feeds, […]

Update on Jenny’s hospital stay

Jenny is alive and back home!

She has physically deteriorated and is in a bad way from the long ambulance journeys and the noise of being in a hospital and having doctors and nurses constantly coming into her room in hospital, which was always going to make her worse. We knew that before we went […]

You (yes, you) need to read what I have to say about the plastic straw ban



Human beings need five things to survive: water, food, oxygen, sleep and also sufficient warmth so that they don’t get hypothermia.

For many people with disabilities, the total removal of plastic straws would take away one, sometimes two, of these five essentials to stay alive. Before plastic straws were invented, a lot of […]

A lot has happened


Last May, I injured my head. The whole of the right half of my head became numb and if any of the right half of my head was touching anything, including my pillow, then more blood would be cut off and the right half of my head would become even more numb. This rendered […]

Best and Worst of 2017: my year


2017 was devastating for me both physically and emotionally but the following films, television, articles (and more) helped keep me going and provided glimpses of light, interest and joy (even though, like everything, they were tainted by acute physical suffering). I hope they will bring you happiness too. I added items to the list […]

The Best 25 Romcoms and How I Came To Love The Genre



My first experience of romcoms was on long coach journeys for school trips when I was 12-16 years old, with the far-off tiny screen at the front of the coach playing a video (VHS) of Notting Hill (I found it boring at that age and fell asleep, which is the only time that […]

When you beckon lightning and invite it in for tea


By February 2007, I had been receiving daily Nexavir injections (an antiviral) for six months and I was actually starting to see small improvements in my health for the first time in over two years of being acutely ill. But friends and relatives kept sending me newspaper cuttings of articles about the Lightning Process […]

Cinema memories

A trip to the cinema was always a special treat. It has been fun trying to remember all the films that I saw at the cinema before I became ill. The following are my memories of my formative cinema experiences.

The first film I ever saw at the cinema was Tom and Jerry: The […]

Fictional male role models

Last year, I wrote this blog post about my favourite female fictional characters. The announcement that the new Doctor is going to be a woman (I’m incredibly jealous by the way; I wanted to be the first female Doctor!) has been accompanied by complaints that in making the Doctor a woman, we are losing one […]

The eternal dilemma of trying to Sort myself into a Hogwarts House

Before I even begin, I’m going to list what I believe to be the main characteristics of each House, for definition’s sake. It’s a bit simplistic but necessary for knowing my starting point.

Ravenclaw: wit, wisdom, love of learning, the ability to think for oneself, logic, original thought, highbrow, independence Slytherin: ambition, resourcefulness, a desire […]