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My Audiobook Adventures

‪I have deteriorated further. My neck keeps subluxing and breaking away further in a particular direction and my skull rolls about independently on the pillow so I can’t ever keep it still or safe. It’s impossible to sleep with it moving around and bending the vertebrae close to snapping point. I’m rarely able to look […]

April 2020 Health Update and Other News (I’ve been quoted in the New Statesman!)


As you would have gathered from the post-surgery update (you can read it here), I desperately need another operation to fix what happened in the last one and being fused into the wrong position without the correct amount of intraoperative traction. I’m fighting for my life every day.

It’s not only the stagnation […]

New poem: For Right Now

For Right Now

I have traversed these sharp, stony paths for an eternity, barefoot. My soles are weathered, hardened, against the bite of the stones that now rip your soft feet to shreds.

As an ancient traveller, permit me to halt your adamant stride, your grim resolution. Allow me to sit you down at the […]

Post-surgery update on Jenny

We are in a state of shock and devastation.

Jenny immediately knew after the operation (an occipitocervical fusion and also a posterior fossa decompression) that something was very wrong but wasn’t able to communicate it for a while, especially while in the Critical Care Unit after the operation and having lost so much blood […]

Health Update October 2019

I have no wit, no words, no tears; My heart within me like a stone Is numb’d too much for hopes or fears; Look right, look left, I dwell alone ~ Christina Rossetti


My last health update at the end of my ‘Best and Worst of 2018’ blog post was over nine months […]

Best and Worst of 2018


These are my best and worst books, films, television programmes, sport and videos of 2018 […]

Update on October’s hospital visit and current health


  I was trying to wait until we had more definite information and a firm plan of action until I posted an update but so many of you have been asking how I am (thank you for caring!) that an update is needed.

In case you don’t follow my twitter or facebook feeds, […]

Update on Jenny’s hospital stay

Jenny is alive and back home!

She has physically deteriorated and is in a bad way from the long ambulance journeys and the noise of being in a hospital and having doctors and nurses constantly coming into her room in hospital, which was always going to make her worse. We knew that before we went […]

You (yes, you) need to read what I have to say about the plastic straw ban



Human beings need five things to survive: water, food, oxygen, sleep and also sufficient warmth so that they don’t get hypothermia.

For many people with disabilities, the total removal of plastic straws would take away one, sometimes two, of these five essentials to stay alive. Before plastic straws were invented, a lot of […]

A lot has happened


Last May, I injured my head. The whole of the right half of my head became numb and if any of the right half of my head was touching anything, including my pillow, then more blood would be cut off and the right half of my head would become even more numb. This rendered […]