Choose a Challenge to help save Jenny’s life: #FaveToSave or #DenForJen


#ChooseAChallenge to help fundraise for life-saving surgery for Jenny:

• #FaveToSave – Post a photo of yourself in your favourite outfit, the one that brings you the most joy (could be glam or cosy or fun or sporty or smart or a costume – whatever) in a pose that reflects the activity you’re doing most during lockdown. Challenge THREE friends to do the same, everyone donating whatever they can when they post a photo, to help save Jenny’s life at The photo could be by yourself, as a couple or as a family.

• #DenForJen – Make a den indoors and take a photo of the result. Whether it’s just a blanket making a roof between two chairs with you lying on cushions underneath or whether you get more ambitious and creative in your den building, this might be one to entertain the children. Challenge THREE others to do the same and donate at when you post the photo.

If you’ve already donated, there’s obviously no need to donate again but feel free to post a photo and challenge your friends and family. We’re very grateful for your generosity and don’t want the same people to have to donate again. Hopefully by challenging other people to participate, people outside our circle will get involved. Have fun!