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Rainbows in my eyes


Front Cover

Rainbows in my eyes is a collection of poems by J. K. Rowbory, published by Longman.

Jenny Rowbory was born in 1986 in Ashford, Middlesex, and currently lives in Wales. During her first year at university in 2004, she became ill with a virus that caused severe M.E. (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis: inflammation of the brain and spinal cord). M.E. affects all bodily systems, causing Jenny to be bed-bound and unable to sit up or speak. She is acutely ill and has life-threatening situations every day.

All the money made from the poetry book goes straight into The Jenny Rowbory Medical Fund Society to help fund her medical treatment.

[UPDATE: In May 2015, after genetic testing, Jenny was diagnosed with Vascular Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. This is on top of her diagnosis of very severe M.E.]

How can I buy the book?

1. Ordering online through Amazon

You can order through Ordering through this link will benefit the Jenny Rowbory Medical Fund Society.

2. Ordering from other bookshops

The book can also be ordered  through bookshops. (The ISBN number is 978-1-4082-4968-0.)

3. Ordering from the USA

If you are resident in the USA you can order via lifestream

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